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What's New?

We often like to share with our readers and clients some last minute changes or news worthy of alerting you about and instead of sending you an email just to notify you of some quick piece of information, we decided to create this section where we do weekly updates, things like a change of a tour lecturer on one of our trips, or a price drop on a specific trip, or a last minute special opening on an already sold-out tour. So we urge you anytime you browse our site to have a quick peak at the NEWS.

Egypt Program 2021

Egypt Program 2021

Our new EGYPT program will be launched soon (slated for Feb 20 to Mar 07, 2021) to celebrate and visit the newly-built Grand Museum (which is going to be one of the largest and most elegant museums of the world scheduled to officially open for the public by the last quarter of 2020). This special trip will be led by one of our TOP scholars: Prof. Norman Jones who is excited to host a maximum of 14 guests on this tour covering the country's highlights. We expect to have a full house as soon as the trip is posted, so we urge you not to delay signing up to secure your spot. Looking forward to welcome you in Egypt.

Syria extension 2019

Syria extension 2019

Extension to Syria

We are pleased to announce that we have added a Syria extension to Lebanon Oct 2019.

Wonderful Lebanon    March 30 to April 08, 2020

Wonderful Lebanon

March 30 to April 08, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that the archaeologist Barbara Porter will lead our Lebanon trip in March 2020

Itinerary Change

Itinerary Change

Rwanda, Uganda & Burundi
August 15 to 26, 2020

Based on all the requests and because the trip in August 2019 is sold out, we decided to add new dates in 2020, stay tuned, brochure should be ready SOON.

Ukraine & The Golden Ring of Russia

Ukraine & The Golden Ring of Russia

Ukraine & The Golden Ring of Russia
May 08 to 24, 2020

Only 2 spots left.

Price reduction

Price reduction

September 14 to October 05, 2019

We are glad to announce that we have negotiated new prices and have reduced our trip to Iran in September 2019 by $700.00 


Sneak peek on our Winter/Spring 2021 Calendar


Winter 2021

1-  Ethiopia (Timket Festival)                                 January 2021

2-  Horn of Africa                                                                      January 2021

3-  West Africa (Ghana, Togo & Benin)                                 January 2021

4- Burkina Faso & Cote D'ivoire                                                          January 2021

5- Nigeria & Sao Tome                                                         January 2021

6- Chad & Cameroon                                                                          January 2021

7- Sudan                                                                                February 2021

8- The Arabia Gulf                                                        February 2021

9-Oman                                                                                February 2021

10- Egypt with a visit to the new museum - Ready February 2021

Spring 2021

1- Lebanon with Syria extension March 2021

2- Saudi Arabia                                              March 2021

3- Kurdistan                                                                       March 2021

4- Iraq                                                                                    March 2021

5- North & South Pakistan                                                    March 2021

6-  Iran                                                                                  March 2021

7- Afghanistan                                                                     March 2021                                                 

8- North Africa                                                                          April 2021

9- Central Asia (5 Stand)                                                        April 2021

10-  Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova                                          April 2021

11- North Korea                                                                             May 2021

12- Malta, Cyprus, Santorini, Crete & Rhodes                                  May 2021

13 South Caucasus                                                                           May 2021

14 - North Caucasus                                                            May 2021

15- Balkans                                                                                       May 2021