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Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova

Kyiv, Ukraine landscape 01.jpg

Travel to some of the least explored parts of Europe on this two week journey visiting three beautiful countries: Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, which are considered some of the hidden gems of Europe. Starting with Belarus we discover the glorious and elegant capital: Minsk, representing a stunning amalgam of Soviet-style/Communist architecture and amazing medieval churches, then head to the historic town of Polotsk to explore its complex heritage. Experience the genuine Belarusian hospitality, and then travel to the fairytale castle at Mir and the 16th century town of Njasvizh. Departing Belarus, head to Kiev and begin exploring Ukraine. In the capital you will visit some magical golden-domed monasteries and cathedrals dating back many centuries, before heading on to Lviv – considered by many as one of the most elegant cities in Europe. In the nearby villages you will discover some imposing old castles before heading on to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, a treasure chest of traditional Hustul culture, incredible scenery and fascinating wildlife. Finally you will visit the tiny nation of Moldova, with its vast underground wine cellars, ancient monasteries and the unique republic of Transnistria. A country that doesn’t officially exist. Our tour visits a truly intriguing region, full of surprises and imbued with a rich heritage that easily rivals better known parts of Europe, and best of all, it’s well off the tourist map.

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