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Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan)

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Journey through more than five millennia of history of the Armenian Plateau, the legendary landing place of Noah’s Ark, where you will learn about one of the earliest civilizations in the world, referred to by many as one of the cradles of civilization. Visit monasteries precariously perched on mountains; ruins of once imposing castles and fortresses; the largest collection of khachkars or stone crosses, and vishaps, ancient megaliths dating from 1500 BC unique to the Armenian Plateau. Traverse part of the ancient Silk Road and see the only surviving intact caravansary in Armenia. Explore archaeological excavation sites and watch as the past, undisturbed for thousands of years, emerges before your eyes. Georgia will mesmerize you with its magnificent history and unparalleled natural beauty, from the shores of the Black Sea to the soaring peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, from the rich vineyards to the arid deserts.

The Georgians have built a modern country on the foundation of their rich and ancient culture, a perfect blend. Georgia’s world-famous wine, unique and tantalizing cuisine and legendary hospitality make this a favorite destination for the curious and sophisticated traveler. You will be accompanied on your voyage of discovery by archaeologists and other scholars who were selected for their expertise and their eagerness to share their passion for learning.

Azerbaijan is a magnificent country with rich natural resources, ancient culture and history. The lifestyle of the people represents a harmonious blending of the traditions of many different cultures and civilizations, with a very strong Persian influence. A visit to this fascinating country with its unique culture, history and traditions will round out your journey to the land of the Trans-Caucasus.

Current Tours:

  1. Caucasus.. May 17 to May 05, 2020

  2. Caucasus.. September 12 to 30, 2020