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Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia & Northern Greece, Castles and Legends

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The focus of this tour will be the dramatic mountain scenery and exquisite jewel-like villages, farms, churches and monasteries of rural Romania. This simple, agrarian way-of-life is a vestige of the culture that dominated all of Europe but has virtually disappeared elsewhere. Expect to be entertained by wonderful craft traditions, folk music and dance. The towns are equally impressive; most of the overnight stops are in medieval walled burgs built by Saxon settlers. Romania is noted for its vineyards and interesting cuisine, heavily influenced by Hungarian specialties. Extend to Bulgaria, one of the smallest countries of the Old Continent but with a wealthy history in the Balkan region. From settlement on top of settlement Bulgaria is a repository of ancient sites from many civilizations that inhabited the region through millennia. Buffeted by Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman influences and dotted with beautiful lakes, threaded together by a network of rivers, Macedonia is a country with a wide variety of attractions. In Northern Greece you’ll discover grandiose archaeological sites, picturesquely labyrinthine villages and the great city of Thessaloniki, famous for its dazzling Byzantine heritage, outshone only by that of Constantinople (Istanbul) itself.

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