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Pakistan, which got its independence from British-, controlled India on 14th August 1947, shares an eastern border with India and a northeastern border with China.This tour will take you to the mountain villages to meet the hardy souls that live in stunningly beautiful scenery under harsh conditions. You will travel the Karakoram Highway to Hunza Valley, through Besham, Khohistan, Chilas and Gilgit, passing by the giant mountain ranges of Karakorum, the Himalayas, Hindu-Kush and Pamir. The legendary land of Hunza is most majestically placed on the roof of the world. It falls on a junction of the old Silk Route, now replaced by the Karakoram Highway or KKH, snaking into the People’s Republic of China through the Khunjerab Pass (at 15,528’ft high), between the Oxus and Indus rivers. Chitral is a fascinating place, offering the sheer natural beauty of the Hindu Kush mountain region which is dominated by Tirich Mir Mountain 7708 meters high. Chitrali people speak the Khowar language which belongs to the Indo-European group of Languages. Besides Chitralies it is home to most friendly and interesting people of Kalash Valley and also semi nomadic Wakhi speaking people. In upper Chitral mainly there are Ismaili Muslims akin to Hunza, they are very open, peaceful and friendly people. Historically Chitral has been an independent princely state. The pagan tribes of Kalash valley are the symbol of hope that Pakistan is still a pluralistic society as it had always been throughout the history of Indus Valley Civilization.  You will appreciate and admire the culture, practices and belief systems of these last pagan tribes surviving in these remote Villages of Hindu Kush Mountain region. We will walk through the villages, meet the people, and places, and stay a night in one of these Pagan Villages, at a nice lodge, and experience their way of life quite closely.

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