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Dating back to the years of the Han Dynasty, China’s famous Silk Road gained its name and reputation from the lucrative trade in silk that once plied its way into the West, travelling from the ancient capital of X’ian and through the Hexi Corridor towards India, Pakistan and Rome. Beginning in Beijing and ending in Urumchi, this remarkable journey follows in the footsteps of those original caravans, taking you from the imperial treasures of the Chinese capital and on through the remote and scorching deserts around Turpan to fabled Kashgar, arriving in time for its famous Sunday market. Along the way you will have an opportunity to visit the glorious Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall at Mutianyu, gaze upon the Summer Palace and the Terracotta Warriors and explore the fabulous Buddhist caves at Dunhuang, considered the greatest and most consummate collection of Buddhist art anywhere in the world. You’ll enjoy the snow-capped mountains of the Heavenly Lake before ending the journey in the fertile oasis of Kashgar which is located at the foothills of Pamir Mountains.

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1- Chinese Silk Road.. September 27 to October 12, 2020



Come to Myanmar (Burma) as it begins its transformation to a more open society. From the busy streets of Yangon to the villages along the Ayerwady River, the people here are warm and welcoming. Our route takes you to the ancient city of Bagan, a UNESCO site with over 2,000 Buddhist temples and pagodas, to Mandalay with its lovely palace overlooking the town and vibrant markets, and to Inle Lake where you can float past markets and villages. Hike near Kalaw to visit with some of the many ethnic groups who live in this diverse country. Sip tea in small cafes while watching people walk to their local temple for evening prayers. Burma has an incredible craft culture and you can observe artisans as they weave handbags and blankets, make lacquer, pound gold leaf, and roll cigars. You can absorb and learn about the Buddhist philosophy as you visit temples, talk with nuns and monks and experience the daily rituals. Welcome to the rolling green foothills, sacred temples and lush landscapes of Northern Thailand. Wander through bustling night bazaars and jam to live music in Chiang Mai's reggae bars then head to for the hills. Spend your nights in traditional bamboo huts, meeting local hill tribes, trekking through the jungle and cooling off in tumbling waterfalls

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It’s no wonder Ladakh is known as Little Tibet: there’s no mistaking the infinite landscape of the Himalaya or the colorful festival masks of the predominantly Tibetan Buddhist culture. The “roof of the world” holds an immense and rich treasure trove: colorful gompas in the rocky slopes, villages surrounded by snowcapped peaks and lush orchards, and bazaars whose mosaic of languages and cultures take on a melody all their own. On this unusual journey, you ramble through rural villages, getting well acquainted with this rugged region’s striking scenery and its inhabitants’ everyday lives.

The Ladakh Festival is held annually every September in Leh and its villages. The inauguration ceremony of the festival takes place in Leh on a large scale with a procession of several cultural troupes from different regions traversing through Leh Market to the Polo Grounds. There is dancing, singing, traditional music, people wearing colorful traditional Ladakhi dresses. The festival duration is six days with celebrations in various villages including archery, polo, and masked dances from the monasteries and dances by cultural troupes from the villages. There are musical concerts too.

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Explore this vast frontier of culture and adventure that is India. Tour Delhi, a true cosmopolitan city that still retains some of its old world charm, Gaze upon historical monuments from past centuries filled with the rise and fall of dynasties that ruled the land. Take a rickshaw ride in Delhi, and approach the Amber Fort in Jaipur on elephant back. Board a catamaran on Lake Pichola to see the marble palace at sunset and a boat in Mumbai to explore the Elephant Caves with elaborate carvings. Enjoy a camel ride in Pushkar with high tea in the desert. Attend a folkloric show in Cochin. Immerse yourself in the culture, art and philosophy that define Agra. Witness sunrise over the Taj Mahal, the finest example of Mughal architecture, for a truly memorable experience, just one among many!

Currently we don't have a schedule tour, however we can customize a private tour for you.