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Few places on earth provide a greater concentration of natural marvels and archeological treasures. With a history spanning the millennia and cities as new as tomorrow, Jordan beckons.

Only a half hour away from Amman is Jerash, an entire Roman provincial city. A virtual outdoor museum complete with remarkably well preserved boulevards, temples, fountains and a unique forum. It was an administrative and cultural center of the Roman Decapolis.

Petra is a name from antiquity that fills all expectations. This tiny commercial crossroads was lost to mankind for centuries. Now, behold it in all its glory. Temples, monuments and grave sites, in the style of the Assyrians, Greeks and Romans, all carved into the solid sandstones of the mountains. Like nature’s palette the magnificent colors range from the rose-red to maroon, vermilion, russet and ocher … and change with the sun. Jordan offers tolerance and hospitality - reflection of its Bedouin heritage.

Current Tours:

  1. Jordan's Highlight.. (3 days/ 2 nights)

  2. Basic Jordan.. (4 days/ 3 nights)

  3. Jewels of Jordan.. (8 days/ 7 nights)