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Gulf States

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Best known for their wealth and abundance of oil, the Gulf States are also housing some remarkable museums that display magnificent ancient Islamic art, calligraphy, pottery, embroideries and jewelry. This unique tour will visit Bahrain, an archipelago located in the heart of the Gulf that boasts a unique blend of ancient and modern; a destination where glistening skyscrapers share the skyline with majestic, centuries-old mosques. Aside from exploring the traditional markets and abundant attractions of the tiny Kingdom of Bahrain, you will visit Qatar, where you saunter around the Old Souk (market), through the maze of alleyways and down to the nearby Dhow Harbor to see some of the Gulf's traditional and distinctive trading vessels and the world-class Islamic Arts Museum. In the UAE, you will marvel at Abu Dhabi's unique architecture, which is an intriguing interpretation of Islamic designs crafted in modern materials, as well as one of the most futuristic cities in the world. When in Dubai, an emirate that transformed itself in the last few decades from an obscure pearl-fishing village into one of the worlds’ most important trade hubs and a land of luxuries, you will also visit the Old town as well as the nearby Emirates of Sharjah and Al Ain, two places boosting world class historical buildings and ruins.

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