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International CRNA Conferences 2019

In our offered tours to CRNAs, we attempt to strike a balance between culture, histor, nature and scenic beauty. When we can wrap all three into one tour we know we have a winner! Taking a look at our line up for the upcoming 2019 season you will find that each itinerary offers the mental and physical stimulation that go into making the ideal tour. If your preference is wildlife viewing then perhaps the African Safari trip is the tour for you; combining some of the most stunning safari experiences in the continent and staying at some of the nicest lodges to do your daily game drives from. If you have done the classical destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa, you’ll be amamzed at how much more impressive are the countries we will offer in 2019.

Cuba is perceived to be mysterious and stark. It has fascinating history and culture. It is Mojitos, plantains, red terracotta roofs and vintage American cars! With the incredible demand for Cuba in last few years, we are going to offer it on a regular basis every year. If you like ancient cities with charm and culture, then Egypt is your pick.The stunning remains of the old civilization of egypt can only mesmerize you and the crusining on the eternal Nile will campivate your heart. We will also offer a short post tour to Israel after Egypt.  Finally, for seekers of warm, sunny, happy places, Arabian Gulf will be the ideal destinations, with the amazing vitality and elegance combined with cultural charm and colorful heritage, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other states all compete for attention. Carefully view our offerings below and make your pick for a wonderful adventure in 2019.

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International CRNA Conferences 2019

CUBA                                                                                                      April 07 to 14, 2019

 Egypt .. With Israel extension   (SOLD OUT)                                       October 05 to 18, 2019

 Arabian Gulf  “Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait & Oman”    November 02 to 16, 2019

Tour Notes

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