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International CRNA Conferences 2017

Our goal is to provide tours that exercise both the body and mind. We attempt to offer a balance between culture, history and scenic beauty. We are offering as many diverse regions in the world: you got Africa, you have Asia, you get 2 Europe trips and you have the South Pacific! Taking a look at our line up for the upcoming 2017 season you will find that each itinerary offers the mental and physical stimulation that goes into making the ideal tour. If your preference is wildlife viewing then perhaps the Tanzania trip is the tour for you. Cuba is perceived to be mysterious and stark and soon it will be overrun by American mass tourism so you may want to explore the real Cuba before it is too late. It has fascinating history and culture. It is Mojitos, plantains, red terracotta roofs, cigars and vintage American cars! If you like A European tour without the usual mass tourism and with less dscovered gems, then the Baltic States are your winners (and you can add the magnificent city of St. Petersburg in Russia to the Baltic tour). The most popular of our Asian destinations has been Vietnam, we repeated it multiple times and it has a very special allure. Finally, we are going back to the South Pacific region after a long halt and we are launching again the naturally-stunning islands of New Zealand. Carefully view our offerings below and make your pick for a wonderful adventure in 2017.

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International CRNA Conferences 2017

Cuba                    April 21 to 29, 2017

Baltic States        Oct 01 to 13, 2017

Tanzania             Oct 27 to Nov 11, 2017

Vietnam              Nov 02 to 19, 2017

New Zealand      Nov 17 to Dec 02, 2017

Tour Notes

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If you have taken 1-3 trips with us, you will receive a $100 discount on any tripIf you have taken 4-7 trips with us, you will receive a $150 discount on any tripIf you have taken 8 or more trips with us, you will receive a $200 discount on any trip

The above applies to travelers who are registered CRNAs. Traveling companions are entitled to half the above discounts.