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Chad & Cameroon

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Thriving traditional cultures, renowned art forms, flamboyantly colorful festivals, mask dances, and a dazzling ethnic mosaic are the golden gems of tribal West Africa. This fantastic cultural odyssey takes you to the remote reaches of Ghana, Togo, and Benin to discover lost tribal worlds guided by ancient spirits. On this journey you will witness a special festival-the Egun Mask Dances of the Yoruba villages of southern Benin. Along the way, you will meet unforgettable people including the Taberma, whose fairytale clay castles are spectacular examples of uniquely African architecture. Finish your excursion on the coast, in the heart of voodoo country, visiting practitioners, watching trance-dances, and learning about the awesome power that voodoo spirits still hold over people.

Thriving traditional cultures, renowned art forms, flamboyantly colorful festivals, mask dances, and a dazzling ethnic mosaic are the golden gems of tribal Africa. This fantastic cultural odyssey takes you to the remote and seldom visited countries of Chad and Cameroon

The enormous country of Chad has long been a blank on the map of Africa – but no more. We are proud to offer a trip to this most pioneering of destinations, a land that is as wild as it is beautiful, as untamed as it is graceful. A land of rock arches, of surprising wildlife, and camel caravans traversing the sands, Chad’s allure is the fact that it is virtually unexplored and you are unlikely to see any other westerners outside of the capital. Chad is one of the least visited of all African countries, where genuine encounters with local people are guaranteed. 

If you think you've see the best of what Africa has to offer for wildlife safaris, think again.. Think ZAKOUMA in Chad. Starting in January 2015, Africa Parks opened Zakouma up to visitation, and with only 112 guests admitted per year, we are very excited that we are one of them. Zakouma has the four out of the big five, including buffalo, lion, leopard and elephant, and its elephant herd is one of the largest left in Africa. If you're a bird lover, this trip has your name on it too! One of the rarest birds in Africa, The Black-Breasted Barbet, can be found here, and you're guaranteed to add many new species to your bird list. With Simple lodge accommodation you are guaranteed to have a safari experience like none other Cameroon is home to an astonishing 250 different ethnic groups and a matching diversity of landscapes, from the jungles of the south to the Sahel of the north. Virtually off the map as far as tourism is concerned, Cameroon is home to some of the most traditional cultures in Africa.

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Gabon, CAR, Congo & DRC

Travel to some of the least explored parts of Africa on this journey visiting these beautiful countries: Gabon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo & Congo. Gabon features internationally celebrated masks, such as the n'goltang (Fang) and the reliquary figures of the Kota. A small population, as well as oil and mineral reserves have helped Gabon become one of Africa's wealthier countries. The country has generally been able to maintain and conserve its pristine rain forest and rich biodiversity. the CAR consists of Sudano-Guinean savannas, but the country also includes a Sahelo-Sudanian zone in the north and an equatorial forest zone in the south. What is today the Central African Republic has been inhabited for millennia; however, the country's current borders were established by France, which ruled the country as a colony starting in the late 19th century. DRC has wonderful city Kinshasa which you will get to experience. Once a site of fishing and trading villages, Kinshasa is now a megacity with an estimated population of more than 11 million. Kinshasa has a flourishing music scene which since the 1960s has operated under the patronage of the city's elite. Congo, The Congolese culture has been influenced by a wide variety of natural landscapes, stretching from the savannah plains in the North Niari flooded forests, to the great Congo River, to rugged mountains and forest of Mayombe, and including 170 km of beaches along the Atlantic coast. The presence of numerous ethnic groups and various political structures once (Kongo Empire, Kingdom of Loango kingdom Teke, Northern chiefdoms) provided an enormous amount of diversity in the traditional cultures as well as in many ancient artistic expressions.

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