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Balkans... (Albania, Kosovo & Macedonia)

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This strikingly beautiful region is radiating in the early summer months, with its mountains covered with green foliage and blooming flowers, as well as its turquoise colored coastline dotted with gorgeous villages. Its rugged interior mountains are home to a number of high perching monasteries and churches, spectacular lakes and waterfalls. Visit colorful old Turkish bazaars, Ottoman citadels, mosques and towns, medieval churches, fortresses and monasteries as well as ancient Roman ruins and many UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This tour goes in depth into Albania, the most undiscovered gem in Europe. Albania is a former enclave of the Ottoman Empire, and today this nation is emerging from its medieval existence under a very strict Communist regime. It is filled with surprises that offer the visitor a glimpse into a unique culture and heritage.

Macedonia is a fabulous country in the mountainous western Balkans, breathtakingly rich in history with an outstanding cultural inheritance from the Prehistoric, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and modern times. It offers diversified and spectacular landmarks, colorful and picturesque villages and unique surprises of tradition beyond imagination.

Current Tours:

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